Can I submit my film if it is over a minute long?
Sure, but it may not be selected for the screening or for viewing on the website.

What file formats do you need?
I need films submitted as .mov, .mp4, or .avi. Though I prefer .mov files. Submit your films (and an .jpg thumbnail if you want) here: https://60sff.wetransfer.com.

Do all the films submitted get screened at the festival?
The first year, they did. I got 30 films, and screened them all. But in 2013, I got over 60 films, and screened 45 of them at the event. 45 seems to be the sweet spot. As the festival continues to grow, the submissions are also getting better. As curator, I am looking for films that are family friendly and have some kind of narrative arc – or artistic approach.

Event Attendees

Is it a family friendly event?
You know… For the most part. It depends a lot on your kiddos, and the type of media that they are accustomed to watching.